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Top 10 Least Explored Places in the World

We humans tend to think that our modern technology has led to the conquering of Earth’s nature. Mother Nature begs to differ. This list is for those of you who want to forge a new path, or who would just like to read about how uncomfortable it might be to do so. 10. Greenland Ice […]

Top 10 Coldest Places on Earth

It’s hard to define exactly where the coldest places on Earth are. It sounds like it should be easy – measure how hot or cold everywhere is, and then rank them. But how you define a place? Antarctica is surely the coldest place on Earth but is it all one place? Or many different points? […]

Top 10 Most Interesting Geothermal Areas in the World

Addicted to that “beginning of time” feeling? Can’t get enough of sulphur’s rotten-egg smell? What follows is a list of areas around the world where you can still experience primordial earth goo by morning and be relaxing in a hot spring the same day. 10. El Tatio, Chile The Tatio Geysers are found on the […]

Top 10 Most Momentous Protests

What do you do when you don’t like the way things are run in your country? Well, if it’s a democracy you can vote. But suppose all the people you could vote for are basically saying the same thing? Then it might be time for more decisive action, in the form of a protest. In […]

Top 10 Prima Ballerina Assolutas

You might think that you know what a ballerina is – someone who does ballet dancing for a living. Well, yes…but it’s not that simple. The title of ballerina is only bestowed on those who have proved their talents and are dancing principal roles. It’s not applied to any member of the corps de ballet […]