Top 10 Most Momentous Protests

What do you do when you don’t like the way things are run in your country? Well, if it’s a democracy you can vote. But suppose all the people you could vote for are basically saying the same thing? Then it might be time for more decisive action, in the form of a protest. In […]

Top 10 Prima Ballerina Assolutas

You might think that you know what a ballerina is – someone who does ballet dancing for a living. Well, yes…but it’s not that simple. The title of ballerina is only bestowed on those who have proved their talents and are dancing principal roles. It’s not applied to any member of the corps de ballet […]

Top 10 Most Handsome Vampires

When it comes to monsters, there is quite a clear hierarchy. Lumbering zombies are at the bottom, with little in the way of looks of manners. Next up are werewolves, who are practically human most of the time but awfully hairy and dribbly when they do change. And top of the pile is the vampire […]

Top 10 Political Flip-flops

If I was writing a “Top 10 Most Reliable Occupations” I’m pretty sure that “politician” wouldn’t be top of the list. They are prone to be devious, lie and have undisclosed sources of income – and that’s just the good ones. A particular speciality of politicians is the flip-flop – known as a U-turn in […]

Top 10 Most Disappointing Follow-Ups

Isn’t it amazing when a talented new writer/musician/director etc bursts into the public eye with a project that’s so dazzling, so well-crafted and so inspired that it will forever be regarded as a classic? It truly is a great thing when the years that someone has worked to hone their craft come to fruition with […]