Top Ten Crazy Fears that Actually Have Names

Everybody has met somebody who says that they aren’t afraid of anything. Big lies, right? Even if you don’t fear the reaper, or the boogie man, and would gladly frolic around in the dark carrying spiders with your head wrapped in snakes, there is still something that gives you the heebie-jeebies. It just might not […]

Top 10 Most Unusual Looking Pets

Adopting a pet means welcoming a new family member, so it better be one that makes you smile. Why not try out one of these unusual looking pets, which will not only enrich your life but will also make great conversation pieces? 10. Gouldian Finch It’s not unusual for pet birds to have brightly-colored feathers, […]

Top Ten Interesting Uses for Everyday Objects

There are tons of times every day when something pops up and we wonder to ourselves, “why hasn’t anyone invented a way to do this easier yet?” Being in the day and age of computers so small you can put them in your pocket that are more powerful than ones we had at our desks […]

Top 10 Cross Dressers in History

Think that cross-dressing is a modern phenomenon? You could not be more wrong. It only takes a quick breeze through some Shakespeare plays to see that people cross-dressed all the time – and in those days, apparently sticking a false beard on was not only an effective disguise but also caused women to fall in […]

Top 10 Most Complicated Mazes

Ever wanted to get lost somewhere? Well, there are some mazes out there where you can do just that. You go in one side, and it’s down to luck rather than judgement if you ever come out again. Mazes have been a feature of popular culture since the Ancient Greek times and have appeared in […]