Top 10 Banned Songs

The broadcasters care about you. They really care. They are so keen to protect your delicate ears that any hint of profanity, obscenity or brand-name sodas must be removed immediately so that you never, ever hear it. Hence so many songs being on the “banned” list. Banning songs has a rich history, and there was […]

Top 10 TV Shows That Got Cancelled After One Season

Isn’t it frustrating when you’re just getting into a TV show, getting to know the characters and suddenly…bam! It’s cancelled! The fickle finger of the network can press the “stop” button at any time and production can shut down entirely. You may be halfway through a season, you may have just reached a cliffhanger at […]

Top 10 Most Awesome Lego Models

Who doesn’t love LEGO? My 4-year-old son does, my 34-year-old husband does….it’s something that you just never grow out of. Which explains the hours of time and effort that some people put into creating, not just a tiny fire engine, but life-size Lego models, or elaborate dioramas. Yes, these are serious hobbyists and these models […]

Top 10 Shortest Celebrity Marriages

Every celebrity knows the meaning of a supportive longterm relationship. Britney Spears, for example, has been in the same relationship since the start of her career and it’s certainly helped her success. Of course, that’s just her relationship with her record label. When it comes to personal relationships, the pop princess has a much patchier […]

Top 10 Most Intense Method Actors

When it comes to acting, there are several different approaches. Some go to work, become their character for a day, and then go home. Others don’t even bother becoming a character, they just play versions of themselves in every role. And then there are the Method Actors. For them, simply playing a role is not […]