Top 10 Celebrity Offspring Who are Famous in their Own Right

There are many ways of becoming famous, but undoubtedly being born into fame is one of the easier options. When you have a celebrity parent, your entire life is chronicled from birth to first check-in at rehab. Naturally, some of these celebrity offspring decide to have their own celebrity careers and some fail miserably, due […]

Top 10 Comedians with a Less Than Funny Personal Life

Depression is so prevalent among comedians that it’s practically a cliche – “Tears of a Clown” and all that. Various theories abound as to why that is  – some say that stand-up is a form of therapy, used by comedians to release their inner anguish. Others say that making people laugh is a serious business […]

Top Ten Movie Mistakes that Made the Final Cut

Movies are an embedded part of American life. With our favorite stories, heroes and villains, adventures and romances all played on the big screen; we are able to live vicariously through actors who pretend to be what we always wanted to be ourselves. With movies that become cult hits and are worshipped by legions of […]