Top 10 Animals That Have Learned to Use Language

As humans, we tend to think that we have the monopoly on this whole communication things. We’re really good at it – at least, we think we are. We certainly do it a lot. But do other species also have the capacity to use language? In the wild, animals certainly communicate with each other, like […]

Top 10 Most Deadly Creatures

The world is awash with very real dangers which act to threaten the lives of the human populous on a day to day basis. Putting our fellow man to one side for just a second, we’re likely to unearth an uncomprehending array of creatures with the capacity, as well as the motive, to kill human […]

Top 10 Critically Endangered Animals

In a world heading towards becoming the junk heap featured in Wall-E, the endangered tag is being placed on more and more animals. Some of these animals are fortunate enough to hold enough meaning to humans through cuteness or historical/national value that they receive press and funds towards their preservation. Others are not so lucky, […]

Top 10 Flightless Birds Still Present Today

There are many flightless birds around the world including two kinds of the oh-so-cute dabbling ducks. But we are not going for cute points here. This list will highlight some of the record breakers of the flightless world of birds including the largest, smallest, rarest or just plain cool or intersting. New Zealand is well […]