Top 10 Walled Cities

There was a time when city walls were really useful – they stopped barbarians getting in, they stopped citizens getting out and they provided a handy spot from which to tip boiling oil on the heads of anyone trying to breach them. But times have changed and we live in a more sophisticated age – […]

Top Ten Unique Sites to Visit in New Zealand

Whether visiting the North, South or both of New Zealand’s main islands, there is a ton of nooks and crannies for you to explore. Highlighted in this list are some specific places you should seek out, given the chance. From cities to bird colonies and everything in between, New Zealand promises to placate the traveler […]

Top 10 Backpacking Destinations in the World

Backpacking is something that many people will consider at some point in their lives. Though usually an activity associated with those over-enthusiastic psychology student types who have clearly never experienced a punch to the face, the concept of backpacking extends far beyond. From mature professionals seeking a career sabbatical to elderly folk looking to milk […]

Top 10 Most Challenging Mountains to Climb

Mountains have always represented something in human culture that’s almost impossible to overcome  – hence “Climb every mountain”, “Move every mountain” and “making mountains out of molehills”. But some mountains aren’t that difficult to conquer – some are no more than big hills. On the other hand, there are some mountains in the world that […]

Top 10 High Altitude Stunts

It is not natural for humans to be teetering, falling, gliding, or have anything to do with high altitudes. Even though we are evolutionarily ill-equipped for such endeavors, mankind has never stopped looking to the sky. In something that resembles a biological drive, humans have been imagining themselves in the atmosphere. Now that our buildings […]