Top Ten Strange Laws Still on the Books

You try to live your life on the straight and narrow, abiding by the laws and not straying too far from center. But what happens if you leave your Christmas decorations up too long or eat the wrong combination of foods and suddenly find yourself on the wrong side of the law? This country is […]

Top 10 Most Superstitious Presidents

It seems like it takes a bit of luck to become the most powerful politician in the world. Certainly, the job of President comes with a side-order of superstition, from the mundane to the bizarre. Even the election process has its own superstitions including the Redskins rule – a prediction on who will win, based […]

Top 10 Near Extinct Species

Should we dismiss the fact that each and every day another species of animal is brought closer to its doom as a natural inevitability or as man-kinds greatest shame? The argument has raged on for generations now, and for those of you still sat on the fence- I hope this list of near extinct species […]

Top 10 Famous Trees You Really Should Know

They are ancient, beautiful, and supply us with the essentials for life itself. For whatever reason, humans seldom see them as little more than wasted space and building supplies. Trees are among the most under rated things on Planet Earth (right up there with air conditioners). Some trees are so impressive, however, that even humans […]

Top 10 Books Written by Notable Musicians

Now and then, an artist of particularly notability will make a transition in their field, jumping from one art form to another. Though this is relatively rare, it is getting less so- and whether it be painters trying their hand at music or a ballet dancer venturing into the world of sculpture, crossovers of this […]