Top 10 Most Challenging Mountains to Climb

Mountains have always represented something in human culture that’s almost impossible to overcome  – hence “Climb every mountain”, “Move every mountain” and “making mountains out of molehills”. But some mountains aren’t that difficult to conquer – some are no more than big hills. On the other hand, there are some mountains in the world that […]

Top 10 High Altitude Stunts

It is not natural for humans to be teetering, falling, gliding, or have anything to do with high altitudes. Even though we are evolutionarily ill-equipped for such endeavors, mankind has never stopped looking to the sky. In something that resembles a biological drive, humans have been imagining themselves in the atmosphere. Now that our buildings […]

Top 10 Famous Trees You Really Should Know

They are ancient, beautiful, and supply us with the essentials for life itself. For whatever reason, humans seldom see them as little more than wasted space and building supplies. Trees are among the most under rated things on Planet Earth (right up there with air conditioners). Some trees are so impressive, however, that even humans […]

Top 10 Secret Nuclear Testing Sites

Since the dawn of nuclear weapons, in the mid 20th century, countries have been racing to test out their capabilities. The main “superpowers” such as the USA, UK and Russia all stopped testing in the 1990s after the end of the Cold War and signed the Comprehensive Nuclear-Test-Ban Treaty in 1996. Emerging powers such as […]

Top 10 Books Written by Notable Musicians

Now and then, an artist of particularly notability will make a transition in their field, jumping from one art form to another. Though this is relatively rare, it is getting less so- and whether it be painters trying their hand at music or a ballet dancer venturing into the world of sculpture, crossovers of this […]