Top 10 Most Interesting Geothermal Areas in the World

Addicted to that “beginning of time” feeling? Can’t get enough of sulphur’s rotten-egg smell? What follows is a list of areas around the world where you can still experience primordial earth goo by morning and be relaxing in a hot spring the same day. 10. El Tatio, Chile The Tatio Geysers are found on the […]

Top Ten Movie Mistakes that Made the Final Cut

Movies are an embedded part of American life. With our favorite stories, heroes and villains, adventures and romances all played on the big screen; we are able to live vicariously through actors who pretend to be what we always wanted to be ourselves. With movies that become cult hits and are worshipped by legions of […]

The 13 Worst People That Show Up At Every Party

No matter what size your social circle is, there’s going to be a time in your life when you will need to bring that circle together for an event. Throwing a shindig may sound good in theory…until you realize just who you need to invite. We all have those friends who, for whatever reason, just […]