Top 10 Embarrassing Marriage Proposals

The mood is right, the lights are dimmed, the Mariachi band has just struck up “Love Me Tender” and the girl of your dreams is sitting there, opposite you. Take a deep breath and….propose. If she says yes, you’re very lucky. If she lets you down gently, you’re still lucky. In fact, as long as […]

Top 10 Most Ornate Cathedrals

When it comes to places of Christian worship, there are two main schools of thought – one is that the act of worship itself is the important bit, and the surroundings are unimportant. The other is that the building is part of the worship, and by maintaining God’s church, you are demonstrating a little of […]

Top 10 Unusual Instruments in Pop Music

Think of rock/pop music, and chances are you picture a guitar, electric bass, drums and maybe a keyboard or a wind instrument like a flute or saxophone. But in the last 60 years or so of pop music, especially rock ‘n’ roll, musicians have done their best to bring variety to their recordings. 10. Sitar […]

Top 10 Biggest London Theaters

London is famous for many things – its museums, historical buildings and cutting-edge restaurants. But one way that London stands out from all the other major cities is its theatre life. If a play makes it in London, it’s made it everywhere. The only comparable place is New York, but the theatres there don’t quite […]

Top 10 Fictional Schools

My son has just started school and I was pretty sure I knew what to expect – he’d be solving mysteries and sneaking out of the dormitories for midnight feasts. But so far, it just seems to be learning about shapes and things. Doubtless the fact that he’s not at a boarding school will also […]