Top 10 Remote Small Towns

America is pretty big, isn’t it? There are vast areas of land where there is nothing in the way of civilization. Mountains and deserts, yes but not a Wal-Mart anywhere in sight. But in the middle of these remote areas, you will find pockets of habitation. In these places there may only be a few […]

Top 10 Highest Lakes In The World

When you think of all the bodies of water around the world, you tend to imagine they’re all low-lying, don’t you? Hence things being “at sea level”. But there are actually a number of lakes that sit high above the oceans, nestled in mountain ranges like the Himalayas. The following list is the generally accepted […]

Top 10 Most Challenging Mountains to Climb

Mountains have always represented something in human culture that’s almost impossible to overcome  – hence “Climb every mountain”, “Move every mountain” and “making mountains out of molehills”. But some mountains aren’t that difficult to conquer – some are no more than big hills. On the other hand, there are some mountains in the world that […]