Top 10 Unusual Instruments in Pop Music

Think of rock/pop music, and chances are you picture a guitar, electric bass, drums and maybe a keyboard or a wind instrument like a flute or saxophone. But in the last 60 years or so of pop music, especially rock ā€˜nā€™ roll, musicians have done their best to bring variety to their recordings. 10. Sitar […]

Top 10 Most Superstitious Presidents

It seems like it takes a bit of luck to become the most powerful politician in the world. Certainly, the job of President comes with a side-order of superstition, from the mundane to the bizarre. Even the election process has its own superstitions including the Redskins rule ā€“ a prediction on who will win, based […]

Top 10 Books Written by Notable Musicians

Now and then, an artist of particularly notability will make a transition in their field, jumping from one art form to another. Though this is relatively rare, it is getting less so- and whether it be painters trying their hand at music or a ballet dancer venturing into the world of sculpture, crossovers of this […]