Top 10 Most Ornate Cathedrals

When it comes to places of Christian worship, there are two main schools of thought – one is that the act of worship itself is the important bit, and the surroundings are unimportant. The other is that the building is part of the worship, and by maintaining God’s church, you are demonstrating a little of […]

Top 10 Pristine Island Honeymoon Destinations

Alright, firstly, congratulations on finding the love of your life—may you live in perpetual happiness. Secondly, it is time for you two to party (and maybe make a baby, who knows), but where to go? If you picture sandy coastlines complete with beach-side cocktails, then you are in the right spot. Compiled on this list […]

Top 10 Cities With The Most Polluted Air

Do you live in a polluted city? It’s a complaint often heard by the residents of “super-cities” like New York and London that their air isn’t clean, but it might surprise you to know that both those cities have relatively healthy air, according to the WHO. On their air pollution database, they use a measure […]