Top Ten Unique Sites to Visit in New Zealand

Whether visiting the North, South or both of New Zealand’s main islands, there is a ton of nooks and crannies for you to explore. Highlighted in this list are some specific places you should seek out, given the chance. From cities to bird colonies and everything in between, New Zealand promises to placate the traveler […]

Top 10 Geekiest Places to Visit in the U.S.

Planning a vacation but more interested in science, technology and generally geeky subjects than in picnics and beaches? Fortunately, the U.S. offers plenty of geeky travel destinations. Whether you’re a single geek or a member of a geek family, there’s something for everyone. 10. International UFO Museum and Research Center International UFO Museum and Research […]

Top 10 Best Preserved Plantation Homes

If you’re looking for somewhere to visit around America this summer, it might be worth a trip to the Deep South. It’s a place with a difficult history of segregation and violence but it’s also full of culture with New Orleans being the birthplace of jazz, and a veritable melting pot of different influences. And […]

Top 10 Places to Visit Before they Disappear

The world is changing. You can’t have failed to notice that – global warming, ice caps melting, habitats disappearing…the world we hand down to our children and their children might be very different. As a result, there are places that you should probably put on your list to visit in the next few years, before […]