Top 10 Embarrassing Marriage Proposals

The mood is right, the lights are dimmed, the Mariachi band has just struck up “Love Me Tender” and the girl of your dreams is sitting there, opposite you. Take a deep breath and….propose. If she says yes, you’re very lucky. If she lets you down gently, you’re still lucky. In fact, as long as she doesn’t reject you live on TV or in front of a crowd of booing people you’re doing pretty well. Imagine how wrong things could have gone. And if you can’t imagine it, take a look at the failed proposals we’ve gathered together in our Top 10 Embarrassing Marriage Proposals. You may want to hide behind a cushion for some of these…

10. Clumsiness on Brooklyn Bridge

Top 10 Embarrassing Marriage Proposals

Here’s a romantic setting for a proposal – the pedestrian walkway above Brooklyn Bridge, with views over New York and family members discreetly tucked away, filming the whole thing. But while the proposal was planned to the last detail, the one thing that Don Walling didn’t check was how big the gaps between the planks were, and whether a ring would fit through them.

Because that’s what happened. Don got down on one knee in front of girlfriend Gina Pellicani, opened the box and dropped the ring between the planks. His face (above) says it all. Losing no time, he climbed down the bridge onto the roadway below, triggering a suicide alert with local police, and retrieved the ring. Luckily she said yes, and they later went on the Today program to tell the world about it.

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